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2014 3x3 World Championship will be held in Moscow!
 On April 22nd, 2013 the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation hosted a meeting of the President of FIBA Ivan Mainini, President of RBF Alexander Krasnenkov, Secretary General of FIBA Patrick Baumann and the Minister of Sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko.  In negotiations the contract concerning the hosting of 3x3 World Championship in Moscow in 2014 was signed.

First 3x3 World Championship ever took place in 2012 in Greece, and in August 2013 the Executive Committee of IOC will consider the possibility of inclusion of it into the program of the Olympic Games.

President of RBF Alexander Krasnenkov: "The hosting of 3x3 World Championship in 2014, will definitely give a positive impact to the development of basketball all over Russia. This game is popular in our country and many people are involved in the movement. The fact itself that such a big tournament will take place in our country shall show everyone that we are capable of hosting the tournaments of the highest level. The exact dates of the tournament will be coordinated later. But we already know it will be in June 2014 and will last for 5 days".

Secretary General of FIBA Patrick Baumann: “Besides Russia of course there were other bidders for the hosting of the tournament. We decided that it has to take place here in your country with big basketball traditions.
The other contestants for the organization of 3x3 World Championship in 2014 were: Mexico, Japan, Philippines, South Africa. There was also Brazil, but next year they host the FIFA World Cup. I am sure that all the countries mentioned above can claim for hosting of the next World Championship, which will take place in 2016”.

Minister of Sports of Russia Vitaly Mutko: “I think the tournament that Russia will host in 2014 will be very interesting. This sport is getting more popular here. Every year we organize the final of Russian competitions, where thousands of teams gather. Besides this subject today with the Presidents of FIBA and RBF we discussed the development of World and European basketball, and mentioned the existing problems. We also discussed the formats of the upcoming tournaments. The President of FIBA told me that they are currently working on the changes in the format of the World Championship to separate it timewise with the FIFA World cup and make it more thrilling.
The representatives of FIBA also told us that the bidding for the 2019 FIBA World Championship host will start in December. Now we will figure out if we can bid for it. The competition is interesting, 4 cities will be involved. Of course we need to think about the possibilities of hosting it. Many sports palaces were built in Russia, that’s why it would be great to host this tournament.

Photo: Maxim Konyaev/ PR+Sport agency


Print Published : 22.04.13

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